Northampton Revolver Club

519 Ryan Road

P.O. Box 122

Northampton, MA 01061-0122

Phone: (413) 586-7821

NRC club shed and outside shooting ports.


The following will be the guidelines required for the NRC Membership to

follow with the opening of all ranges.

Outdoor shooting will resume the summer schedule on Monday, June 15th.

New Archery Range opened on June 15th. Archery Rules attached.


We ask all Club members to follow these guidelines:

  • Members will sanitize their hands before entering the clubhouse. Hand sanitizer will be provided at this time.

  • Follow the Club protocol of signing in/out.

  • Wearing of face masks is *required inside* the Club House and Indoor Range, which must cover the nose and mouth.

  • Outdoors, face masks only required when unable to maintain a six-foot distance

  • Avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Members are responsible for their own face masks, gloves, and sprays. Your well-being and safety are your responsibility.

  • As there is a sufficient division between the indoor shooting ports, all ports may be occupied.

  • Sanitize shooting port surface with alcohol wipes provided by the Club after shooting.

  • Wipe down the electrical board as part of the sanitizing process when leaving the indoor range.

  • Guests are allowed. Please follow the current NRC policy.

  • Sharing of equipment is at the discretion of the owner and ultimately their responsibility for its cleanliness.